K-Planes: Explicit Radiance Fields in Space, Time, and Appearance

sarafridov/k-planes 24 Jan 2023

We introduce k-planes, a white-box model for radiance fields in arbitrary dimensions.

Novel View Synthesis

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Fine-Tuning Language Models from Human Preferences

lvwerra/trl 18 Sep 2019

Most work on reward learning has used simulated environments, but complex information about values is often expressed in natural language, and we believe reward learning for language is a key to making RL practical and safe for real-world tasks.

Language Modelling

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Interpretation of 3D CNNs for Brain MRI Data Classification

maxs-kan/InterpretableNeuroDL 20 Jun 2020

Deep learning shows high potential for many medical image analysis tasks.

Classification General Classification

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In-Context Retrieval-Augmented Language Models

ai21labs/in-context-ralm 31 Jan 2023

Retrieval-Augmented Language Modeling (RALM) methods, that condition a language model (LM) on relevant documents from a grounding corpus during generation, have been shown to significantly improve language modeling while also providing a natural source attribution mechanism.

Language Modelling Retrieval

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Factuality Enhanced Language Models for Open-Ended Text Generation

NVIDIA/FasterTransformer 9 Jun 2022

In this work, we measure and improve the factual accuracy of large-scale LMs for open-ended text generation.

Misconceptions Pretrained Language Models +2

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StyleGAN-T: Unlocking the Power of GANs for Fast Large-Scale Text-to-Image Synthesis

autonomousvision/stylegan-t 23 Jan 2023

Text-to-image synthesis has recently seen significant progress thanks to large pretrained language models, large-scale training data, and the introduction of scalable model families such as diffusion and autoregressive models.

Pretrained Language Models Text-to-Image Generation

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ProGen2: Exploring the Boundaries of Protein Language Models

salesforce/progen 27 Jun 2022

Attention-based models trained on protein sequences have demonstrated incredible success at classification and generation tasks relevant for artificial intelligence-driven protein design.

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Accelerating Guided Diffusion Sampling with Splitting Numerical Methods

swizad/split-diffusion 27 Jan 2023

Guided diffusion is a technique for conditioning the output of a diffusion model at sampling time without retraining the network for each specific task.

Colorization Super-Resolution +2

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Robust Speech Recognition via Large-Scale Weak Supervision

openai/whisper Preprint 2022

We study the capabilities of speech processing systems trained simply to predict large amounts of transcripts of audio on the internet.

Robust Speech Recognition speech-recognition

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