InstantMesh: Efficient 3D Mesh Generation from a Single Image with Sparse-view Large Reconstruction Models

tencentarc/instantmesh 10 Apr 2024

We present InstantMesh, a feed-forward framework for instant 3D mesh generation from a single image, featuring state-of-the-art generation quality and significant training scalability.

Image to 3D

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StoryDiffusion: Consistent Self-Attention for Long-Range Image and Video Generation

hvision-nku/storydiffusion 2 May 2024

This module converts the generated sequence of images into videos with smooth transitions and consistent subjects that are significantly more stable than the modules based on latent spaces only, especially in the context of long video generation.

motion prediction Story Generation +1

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Dreamer XL: Towards High-Resolution Text-to-3D Generation via Trajectory Score Matching

xingy038/dreamer-xl 18 May 2024

In this work, we propose a novel Trajectory Score Matching (TSM) method that aims to solve the pseudo ground truth inconsistency problem caused by the accumulated error in Interval Score Matching (ISM) when using the Denoising Diffusion Implicit Models (DDIM) inversion process.

3D Generation Denoising +1

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AniTalker: Animate Vivid and Diverse Talking Faces through Identity-Decoupled Facial Motion Encoding

x-lance/anitalker 6 May 2024

The paper introduces AniTalker, an innovative framework designed to generate lifelike talking faces from a single portrait.

Metric Learning Self-Supervised Learning

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RLHF Workflow: From Reward Modeling to Online RLHF

rlhflow/online-rlhf 13 May 2024

We present the workflow of Online Iterative Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) in this technical report, which is widely reported to outperform its offline counterpart by a large margin in the recent large language model (LLM) literature.

Chatbot Language Modelling +1

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LLMs as Hackers: Autonomous Linux Privilege Escalation Attacks

ipa-lab/hackingBuddyGPT 17 Oct 2023

We explore the intersection of LLMs and penetration testing to gain insight into their capabilities and challenges in the context of privilege escalation.

In-Context Learning

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AgentScope: A Flexible yet Robust Multi-Agent Platform

modelscope/agentscope 21 Feb 2024

With the rapid advancement of Large Language Models (LLMs), significant progress has been made in multi-agent applications.

Multi-agent Integration

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DeepSeek-V2: A Strong, Economical, and Efficient Mixture-of-Experts Language Model

deepseek-ai/deepseek-v2 7 May 2024

MLA guarantees efficient inference through significantly compressing the Key-Value (KV) cache into a latent vector, while DeepSeekMoE enables training strong models at an economical cost through sparse computation.

Language Modelling Reinforcement Learning (RL)

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MolCA: Molecular Graph-Language Modeling with Cross-Modal Projector and Uni-Modal Adapter

acharkq/molca 19 Oct 2023

MolCA enables an LM (e. g., Galactica) to understand both text- and graph-based molecular contents via the cross-modal projector.

Contrastive Learning IUPAC Name Prediction +5

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ID-Animator: Zero-Shot Identity-Preserving Human Video Generation

id-animator/id-animator 23 Apr 2024

Based on this pipeline, a random face reference training method is further devised to precisely capture the ID-relevant embeddings from reference images, thus improving the fidelity and generalization capacity of our model for ID-specific video generation.

Attribute Video Generation

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