Merlion: A Machine Learning Library for Time Series

salesforce/merlion 20 Sep 2021

We introduce Merlion, an open-source machine learning library for time series.

Anomaly Detection Time Series

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Robust High-Resolution Video Matting with Temporal Guidance

PeterL1n/RobustVideoMatting 25 Aug 2021

We introduce a robust, real-time, high-resolution human video matting method that achieves new state-of-the-art performance.

Video Matting

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Instance-Conditioned GAN

facebookresearch/ic_gan 10 Sep 2021

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) can generate near photo realistic images in narrow domains such as human faces.

Conditional Image Generation Unconditional Image Generation

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Empirical Analysis of Training Strategies of Transformer-based Japanese Chit-chat Systems

nttcslab/japanese-dialog-transformers 11 Sep 2021

In recent years, several high-performance conversational systems have been proposed based on the Transformer encoder-decoder model.

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Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code

microsoft/PythonProgrammingPuzzles 7 Jul 2021

We introduce Codex, a GPT language model fine-tuned on publicly available code from GitHub, and study its Python code-writing capabilities.

Code Generation Language Modelling

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LibFewShot: A Comprehensive Library for Few-shot Learning

rl-vig/libfewshot 10 Sep 2021

Furthermore, based on LibFewShot, we provide comprehensive evaluations on multiple benchmark datasets with multiple backbone architectures to evaluate common pitfalls and effects of different training tricks.

Data Augmentation Few-Shot Image Classification +1

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Real-ESRGAN: Training Real-World Blind Super-Resolution with Pure Synthetic Data

xinntao/Real-ESRGAN 22 Jul 2021

Though many attempts have been made in blind super-resolution to restore low-resolution images with unknown and complex degradations, they are still far from addressing general real-world degraded images.

Video Super-Resolution

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PIRenderer: Controllable Portrait Image Generation via Semantic Neural Rendering

renyurui/pirender 17 Sep 2021

The proposed model can generate photo-realistic portrait images with accurate movements according to intuitive modifications.

Image Generation Neural Rendering

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kornia/kornia 25 Apr 2019

Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library

Classification Consistency Conditional Image Generation

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Differentiable Data Augmentation with Kornia

arraiyopensource/kornia 19 Nov 2020

In this paper we present a review of the Kornia differentiable data augmentation (DDA) module for both for spatial (2D) and volumetric (3D) tensors.

Image Augmentation Image Manipulation +1

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