H3WB: Human3.6M 3D WholeBody Dataset and Benchmark

wholebody3d/wholebody3d 28 Nov 2022

We also report several baselines from popular methods for these tasks.

Pose Estimation

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Conffusion: Confidence Intervals for Diffusion Models

eliahuhorwitz/conffusion 17 Nov 2022

Diffusion models have become the go-to method for many generative tasks, particularly for image-to-image generation tasks such as super-resolution and inpainting.

Conformal Prediction Facial Inpainting +2

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Human-level play in the game of Diplomacy by combining language models with strategic reasoning

facebookresearch/diplomacy_cicero Science 2022

Despite much progress in training AI systems to imitate human language, building agents that use language to communicate intentionally with humans in interactive environments remains a major challenge.

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Shape, Pose, and Appearance from a Single Image via Bootstrapped Radiance Field Inversion

google-research/nerf-from-image 21 Nov 2022

Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) coupled with GANs represent a promising direction in the area of 3D reconstruction from a single view, owing to their ability to efficiently model arbitrary topologies.

3D Reconstruction Pose Estimation

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Roboflow 100: A Rich, Multi-Domain Object Detection Benchmark

roboflow-ai/roboflow-100-benchmark 24 Nov 2022

The evaluation of object detection models is usually performed by optimizing a single metric, e. g. mAP, on a fixed set of datasets, e. g. Microsoft COCO and Pascal VOC.

2D object detection Image Retrieval +13

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Mixed Neural Voxels for Fast Multi-view Video Synthesis

fengres/mixvoxels 1 Dec 2022

In this paper, we present a novel method named MixVoxels to better represent the dynamic scenes with fast training speed and competitive rendering qualities.

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DiffusionDet: Diffusion Model for Object Detection

shoufachen/diffusiondet 17 Nov 2022

In inference, the model refines a set of randomly generated boxes to the output results in a progressive way.

Denoising object-detection +1

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BotSIM: An End-to-End Bot Simulation Toolkit for Commercial Task-Oriented Dialog Systems

salesforce/botsim 29 Nov 2022

BotSIM adopts a layered design comprising the infrastructure layer, the adaptor layer and the application layer.

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Medical Image Segmentation Review: The success of U-Net

nitr098/awesome-u-net 27 Nov 2022

U-Net is the most widespread image segmentation architecture due to its flexibility, optimized modular design, and success in all medical image modalities.

Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation +1

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FFHQ-UV: Normalized Facial UV-Texture Dataset for 3D Face Reconstruction

csbhr/ffhq-uv 25 Nov 2022

Our pipeline utilizes the recent advances in StyleGAN-based facial image editing approaches to generate multi-view normalized face images from single-image inputs.

3D Face Reconstruction

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