ACE: Cooperative Multi-agent Q-learning with Bidirectional Action-Dependency

opendilab/ace 29 Nov 2022

In the learning phase, each agent minimizes the TD error that is dependent on how the subsequent agents have reacted to their chosen action.

Decision Making Q-Learning +2

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Compressing Volumetric Radiance Fields to 1 MB

algohunt/vqrf 29 Nov 2022

Approximating radiance fields with volumetric grids is one of promising directions for improving NeRF, represented by methods like Plenoxels and DVGO, which achieve super-fast training convergence and real-time rendering.

Model Compression Neural Rendering +1

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Score Jacobian Chaining: Lifting Pretrained 2D Diffusion Models for 3D Generation

pals-ttic/sjc 1 Dec 2022

We propose to apply chain rule on the learned gradients, and back-propagate the score of a diffusion model through the Jacobian of a differentiable renderer, which we instantiate to be a voxel radiance field.

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Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback

openai/following-instructions-human-feedback 4 Mar 2022

In this paper, we show an avenue for aligning language models with user intent on a wide range of tasks by fine-tuning with human feedback.

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Unifying Vision, Text, and Layout for Universal Document Processing

microsoft/udop 5 Dec 2022

UDOP leverages the spatial correlation between textual content and document image to model image, text, and layout modalities with one uniform representation.

Document AI Image Reconstruction

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Self-Supervised Correspondence Estimation via Multiview Registration

facebookresearch/syncmatch 6 Dec 2022

To address this, we propose a self-supervised approach for correspondence estimation that learns from multiview consistency in short RGB-D video sequences.

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DiffusionBERT: Improving Generative Masked Language Models with Diffusion Models

hzfinfdu/diffusion-bert 28 Nov 2022

We present DiffusionBERT, a new generative masked language model based on discrete diffusion models.

Denoising Language Modelling +1

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OpenFE: Automated Feature Generation beyond Expert-level Performance

zhangtp1996/openfe 22 Nov 2022

The major challenge in automated feature generation is to efficiently and accurately identify useful features from a vast pool of candidate features.

Feature Importance

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SDM: Spatial Diffusion Model for Large Hole Image Inpainting

fenglinglwb/sdm 6 Dec 2022

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have made great success in image inpainting yet still have difficulties tackling large missing regions.

Denoising Image Inpainting

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GET3D: A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images

nv-tlabs/GET3D 22 Sep 2022

As several industries are moving towards modeling massive 3D virtual worlds, the need for content creation tools that can scale in terms of the quantity, quality, and diversity of 3D content is becoming evident.

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