Text-Guided Synthesis of Artistic Images with Retrieval-Augmented Diffusion Models

compvis/latent-diffusion 26 Jul 2022

In RDMs, a set of nearest neighbors is retrieved from an external database during training for each training instance, and the diffusion model is conditioned on these informative samples.

Image Generation Prompt Engineering

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Elucidating the Design Space of Diffusion-Based Generative Models

lucidrains/imagen-pytorch 1 Jun 2022

We argue that the theory and practice of diffusion-based generative models are currently unnecessarily convoluted and seek to remedy the situation by presenting a design space that clearly separates the concrete design choices.

Image Generation

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Deepchecks: A Library for Testing and Validating Machine Learning Models and Data

deepchecks/deepchecks 16 Mar 2022

This paper presents Deepchecks, a Python library for comprehensively validating machine learning models and data.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

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Point-to-Voxel Knowledge Distillation for LiDAR Semantic Segmentation

cardwing/codes-for-pvkd CVPR 2022

This article addresses the problem of distilling knowledge from a large teacher model to a slim student network for LiDAR semantic segmentation.

3D Semantic Segmentation Knowledge Distillation +1

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FRA-RIR: Fast Random Approximation of the Image-source Method

yluo42/fra-rir 8 Aug 2022

The training of modern speech processing systems often requires a large amount of simulated room impulse response (RIR) data in order to allow the systems to generalize well in real-world, reverberant environments.

Denoising Speech Denoising

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GPT-NeoX-20B: An Open-Source Autoregressive Language Model

labmlai/annotated_deep_learning_paper_implementations BigScience (ACL) 2022

We introduce GPT-NeoX-20B, a 20 billion parameter autoregressive language model trained on the Pile, whose weights will be made freely and openly available to the public through a permissive license.

Language Modelling

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Architecture-Agnostic Masked Image Modeling -- From ViT back to CNN

Westlake-AI/openmixup 27 May 2022

We observe that MIM essentially teaches the model to learn better middle-level interactions among patches and extract more generalized features.

Image Classification Self-Supervised Learning

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ferret: a Framework for Benchmarking Explainers on Transformers

g8a9/ferret 2 Aug 2022

Many interpretability tools allow practitioners and researchers to explain Natural Language Processing systems.

Natural Language Processing

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Patching open-vocabulary models by interpolating weights

mlfoundations/patching 10 Aug 2022

We study model patching, where the goal is to improve accuracy on specific tasks without degrading accuracy on tasks where performance is already adequate.

Image Classification

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towhee-io/towhee ICCV 2019

Towhee is a framework that is dedicated to making neural data processing pipelines simple and fast.

Action Classification Action Recognition +4

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