AutoCodeRover: Autonomous Program Improvement

nus-apr/auto-code-rover 8 Apr 2024

Recent progress in Large Language Models (LLMs) has significantly impacted the development process, where developers can use LLM-based programming assistants to achieve automated coding.

Bug fixing Code Search +1

10.33 stars / hour

Patch n' Pack: NaViT, a Vision Transformer for any Aspect Ratio and Resolution

pku-yuangroup/open-sora-plan 12 Jul 2023

The ubiquitous and demonstrably suboptimal choice of resizing images to a fixed resolution before processing them with computer vision models has not yet been successfully challenged.

Fairness Image Classification +5

5.43 stars / hour

Visual Autoregressive Modeling: Scalable Image Generation via Next-Scale Prediction

FoundationVision/VAR 3 Apr 2024

We present Visual AutoRegressive modeling (VAR), a new generation paradigm that redefines the autoregressive learning on images as coarse-to-fine "next-scale prediction" or "next-resolution prediction", diverging from the standard raster-scan "next-token prediction".

Image Generation Language Modelling +2

5.32 stars / hour

MagicTime: Time-lapse Video Generation Models as Metamorphic Simulators

pku-yuangroup/magictime 7 Apr 2024

Recent advances in Text-to-Video generation (T2V) have achieved remarkable success in synthesizing high-quality general videos from textual descriptions.

Text-to-Video Generation Video Generation

3.37 stars / hour

InstantStyle: Free Lunch towards Style-Preserving in Text-to-Image Generation

instantstyle/instantstyle 3 Apr 2024

Tuning-free diffusion-based models have demonstrated significant potential in the realm of image personalization and customization.

Text-to-Image Generation

3.11 stars / hour

AIOS: LLM Agent Operating System

agiresearch/aios 25 Mar 2024

Inspired by these challenges, this paper presents AIOS, an LLM agent operating system, which embeds large language model into operating systems (OS) as the brain of the OS, enabling an operating system "with soul" -- an important step towards AGI.

Language Modelling Large Language Model +1

3.01 stars / hour

InstantMesh: Efficient 3D Mesh Generation from a Single Image with Sparse-view Large Reconstruction Models

tencentarc/instantmesh 10 Apr 2024

We present InstantMesh, a feed-forward framework for instant 3D mesh generation from a single image, featuring state-of-the-art generation quality and significant training scalability.

Image to 3D

2.88 stars / hour

LLM2Vec: Large Language Models Are Secretly Powerful Text Encoders

mcgill-nlp/llm2vec 9 Apr 2024

We outperform encoder-only models by a large margin on word-level tasks and reach a new unsupervised state-of-the-art performance on the Massive Text Embeddings Benchmark (MTEB).

Contrastive Learning

2.52 stars / hour

OmniFusion Technical Report

airi-institute/omnifusion 9 Apr 2024

We propose an \textit{OmniFusion} model based on a pretrained LLM and adapters for visual modality.

Visual Question Answering

2.25 stars / hour

ReFT: Representation Finetuning for Language Models

stanfordnlp/pyreft 4 Apr 2024

LoReFT is a drop-in replacement for existing PEFTs and learns interventions that are 10x-50x more parameter-efficient than prior state-of-the-art PEFTs.

Arithmetic Reasoning

1.72 stars / hour