Autoregressive Model Beats Diffusion: Llama for Scalable Image Generation

foundationvision/llamagen 10 Jun 2024

(3) A text-conditional image generation model with 775M parameters, from two-stage training on LAION-COCO and high aesthetics quality images, demonstrating competitive performance of visual quality and text alignment.

Conditional Image Generation

8.62 stars / hour

Scalable MatMul-free Language Modeling

ridgerchu/matmulfreellm 4 Jun 2024

Our experiments show that our proposed MatMul-free models achieve performance on-par with state-of-the-art Transformers that require far more memory during inference at a scale up to at least 2. 7B parameters.

Language Modelling

5.97 stars / hour

"Do Anything Now": Characterizing and Evaluating In-The-Wild Jailbreak Prompts on Large Language Models

verazuo/jailbreak_llms 7 Aug 2023

We hope that our study can facilitate the research community and LLM vendors in promoting safer and regulated LLMs.

Community Detection

5.12 stars / hour

Matching Anything by Segmenting Anything

siyuanliii/masa 6 Jun 2024

The robust association of the same objects across video frames in complex scenes is crucial for many applications, especially Multiple Object Tracking (MOT).

Domain Generalization Multiple Object Tracking +2

2.50 stars / hour

X-LoRA: Mixture of Low-Rank Adapter Experts, a Flexible Framework for Large Language Models with Applications in Protein Mechanics and Molecular Design

ericlbuehler/ 11 Feb 2024

Starting with a set of pre-trained LoRA adapters, our gating strategy uses the hidden states to dynamically mix adapted layers, allowing the resulting X-LoRA model to draw upon different capabilities and create never-before-used deep layer-wise combinations to solve tasks.

graph construction Knowledge Graphs +2

1.83 stars / hour

Buffer of Thoughts: Thought-Augmented Reasoning with Large Language Models

yangling0818/buffer-of-thought-llm 6 Jun 2024

We introduce Buffer of Thoughts (BoT), a novel and versatile thought-augmented reasoning approach for enhancing accuracy, efficiency and robustness of large language models (LLMs).

Arithmetic Reasoning Code Generation +2

1.50 stars / hour

Blind Image Restoration via Fast Diffusion Inversion

hamadichihaoui/BIRD 29 May 2024

This is ultimately equivalent to casting the IR task as an optimization problem in the space of the input noise.

Image Restoration

1.23 stars / hour

StreamSpeech: Simultaneous Speech-to-Speech Translation with Multi-task Learning

ictnlp/streamspeech 5 Jun 2024

Simultaneous speech-to-speech translation (Simul-S2ST, a. k. a streaming speech translation) outputs target speech while receiving streaming speech inputs, which is critical for real-time communication.

 Ranked #1 on de-en on CVSS

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) de-en +11

1.21 stars / hour

Vision-LSTM: xLSTM as Generic Vision Backbone

NX-AI/vision-lstm 6 Jun 2024

Transformers are widely used as generic backbones in computer vision, despite initially introduced for natural language processing.

1.12 stars / hour

Lighting Every Darkness with 3DGS: Fast Training and Real-Time Rendering for HDR View Synthesis

srameo/le3d 10 Jun 2024

Volumetric rendering based methods, like NeRF, excel in HDR view synthesis from RAWimages, especially for nighttime scenes.

2k Novel View Synthesis +1

1.08 stars / hour