Mega: Moving Average Equipped Gated Attention

facebookresearch/mega 21 Sep 2022

The design choices in the Transformer attention mechanism, including weak inductive bias and quadratic computational complexity, have limited its application for modeling long sequences.

Image Classification +3

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MobileViTv3: Mobile-Friendly Vision Transformer with Simple and Effective Fusion of Local, Global and Input Features

microndla/mobilevitv3 30 Sep 2022

We propose changes to the fusion block that are simple and effective to create MobileViTv3-block, which addresses the scaling and simplifies the learning task.

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Elucidating the Design Space of Diffusion-Based Generative Models

crowsonkb/k-diffusion 1 Jun 2022

We argue that the theory and practice of diffusion-based generative models are currently unnecessarily convoluted and seek to remedy the situation by presenting a design space that clearly separates the concrete design choices.

Image Generation

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A Lightweight Instrument-Agnostic Model for Polyphonic Note Transcription and Multipitch Estimation

spotify/basic-pitch 18 Mar 2022

Despite its simplicity, benchmark results show our system's note estimation to be substantially better than a comparable baseline, and its frame-level accuracy to be only marginally below those of specialized state-of-the-art AMT systems.

Music Transcription

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Uncertainty-Driven Active Vision for Implicit Scene Reconstruction

facebookresearch/uncertainty-driven-active-vision 3 Oct 2022

We evaluate our proposed approach on the ABC dataset and the in the wild CO3D dataset, and show that: (1) we are able to obtain high quality state-of-the-art occupancy reconstructions; (2) our perspective conditioned uncertainty definition is effective to drive improvements in next best view selection and outperforms strong baseline approaches; and (3) we can further improve shape understanding by performing a gradient-based search on the view selection candidates.

Scene Understanding

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Diffusion Posterior Sampling for General Noisy Inverse Problems

dps2022/diffusion-posterior-sampling 29 Sep 2022

Diffusion models have been recently studied as powerful generative inverse problem solvers, owing to their high quality reconstructions and the ease of combining existing iterative solvers.


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EditEval: An Instruction-Based Benchmark for Text Improvements

facebookresearch/editeval 27 Sep 2022

Evaluation of text generation to date has primarily focused on content created sequentially, rather than improvements on a piece of text.

Text Generation

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Text-Guided Neural Image Inpainting

idealwhite/tdanet 7 Apr 2020

To fulfill such a task, we propose a novel inpainting model named Text-Guided Dual Attention Inpainting Network (TDANet).

Image Inpainting Semantic Similarity +2

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River: machine learning for streaming data in Python

online-ml/river 8 Dec 2020

It is the result from the merger of the two most popular packages for stream learning in Python: Creme and scikit-multiflow.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Continual Learning

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TSInterpret: A unified framework for time series interpretability

fzi-forschungszentrum-informatik/TSInterpret 10 Aug 2022

With the increasing application of deep learning algorithms to time series classification, especially in high-stake scenarios, the relevance of interpreting those algorithms becomes key.

Interpretable Machine Learning Time Series Classification

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