BioGPT: Generative Pre-trained Transformer for Biomedical Text Generation and Mining

microsoft/biogpt 19 Oct 2022

Pre-trained language models have attracted increasing attention in the biomedical domain, inspired by their great success in the general natural language domain.

Document Classification Language Modelling +3

3.80 stars / hour

TEXTure: Text-Guided Texturing of 3D Shapes

TEXTurePaper/TEXTurePaper 3 Feb 2023

In this paper, we present TEXTure, a novel method for text-guided generation, editing, and transfer of textures for 3D shapes.

Image Generation text-guided-generation

2.52 stars / hour

Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Language Models

amazon-science/mm-cot 2 Feb 2023

By incorporating the vision features in both stages, the model is able to generate effective rationales that contribute to answer inference.

1.91 stars / hour

BLIP-2: Bootstrapping Language-Image Pre-training with Frozen Image Encoders and Large Language Models

salesforce/lavis 30 Jan 2023

The cost of vision-and-language pre-training has become increasingly prohibitive due to end-to-end training of large-scale models.

Image Captioning Image Retrieval +5

1.11 stars / hour

Top-Down Beats Bottom-Up in 3D Instance Segmentation

samsunglabs/td3d 6 Feb 2023

Most 3D instance segmentation methods exploit a bottom-up strategy, typically including resource-exhaustive post-processing.

 Ranked #1 on 3D Instance Segmentation on S3DIS (using extra training data)

3D Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

1.00 stars / hour

Discovering Symbolic Models from Deep Learning with Inductive Biases

glouppe/info8010-deep-learning NeurIPS 2020

The technique works as follows: we first encourage sparse latent representations when we train a GNN in a supervised setting, then we apply symbolic regression to components of the learned model to extract explicit physical relations.

Symbolic Regression

0.89 stars / hour

Dual PatchNorm

lucidrains/musiclm-pytorch 2 Feb 2023

We propose Dual PatchNorm: two Layer Normalization layers (LayerNorms), before and after the patch embedding layer in Vision Transformers.

0.78 stars / hour

STEPS: Joint Self-supervised Nighttime Image Enhancement and Depth Estimation

ucaszyp/steps 2 Feb 2023

By fitting a bridge-shaped curve to the illumination map distribution, both regions are suppressed and two tasks are bridged naturally.

Depth Estimation Image Enhancement

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Open Source Vizier: Distributed Infrastructure and API for Reliable and Flexible Blackbox Optimization

google/vizier 27 Jul 2022

Vizier is the de-facto blackbox and hyperparameter optimization service across Google, having optimized some of Google's largest products and research efforts.

Hyperparameter Optimization Transfer Learning

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ClimaX: A foundation model for weather and climate

microsoft/ClimaX 24 Jan 2023

Most state-of-the-art approaches for weather and climate modeling are based on physics-informed numerical models of the atmosphere.

Self-Supervised Learning Weather Forecasting

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