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MeMViT: Memory-Augmented Multiscale Vision Transformer for Efficient Long-Term Video Recognition

facebookresearch/memvit CVPR 2022

Instead of trying to process more frames at once like most existing methods, we propose to process videos in an online fashion and cache "memory" at each iteration.

Ranked #2 on Action Anticipation on EPIC-KITCHENS-100 (using extra training data)

Action Anticipation Action Classification +2

0.39 stars / hour

Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback

openai/following-instructions-human-feedback 4 Mar 2022

In this paper, we show an avenue for aligning language models with user intent on a wide range of tasks by fine-tuning with human feedback.

0.40 stars / hour

Multiresolution Textual Inversion

giannisdaras/multires_textual_inversion 30 Nov 2022

We extend Textual Inversion to learn pseudo-words that represent a concept at different resolutions.

0.38 stars / hour

TorchScale: Transformers at Scale

microsoft/torchscale 23 Nov 2022

Large Transformers have achieved state-of-the-art performance across many tasks.

Language Modelling Machine Translation +1

0.36 stars / hour
0.35 stars / hour

Fast Sampling of Diffusion Models with Exponential Integrator

shivamshrirao/diffusers 29 Apr 2022

Our goal is to develop a fast sampling method for DMs with a much less number of steps while retaining high sample quality.

0.30 stars / hour

Triton: An Intermediate Language and Compiler for Tiled Neural Network Computations

openai/triton MAPL 2019

The validation and deployment of novel research ideas in the field of Deep Learning is often limited by the availability of efficient compute kernels for certain basic primitives.

0.29 stars / hour

UIU-Net: U-Net in U-Net for Infrared Small Object Detection

danfenghong/ieee_tip_uiu-net 2 Dec 2022

RM-DS integrates Residual U-blocks into a deep supervision network to generate deep multi-scale resolution-maintenance features while learning global context information.

object-detection Representation Learning +1

0.29 stars / hour

Residual Pattern Learning for Pixel-wise Out-of-Distribution Detection in Semantic Segmentation

yyliu01/rpl 26 Nov 2022

Semantic segmentation models classify pixels into a set of known (``in-distribution'') visual classes.

 Ranked #1 on Anomaly Detection on Road Anomaly (using extra training data)

Anomaly Detection Contrastive Learning +3

0.28 stars / hour