Can Language Models Make Fun? A Case Study in Chinese Comical Crosstalk

anonno2/crosstalk-generation 2 Jul 2022

However, the humor aspect of natural language is relatively under-investigated, especially in the age of pre-trained language models.

Machine Translation Text Generation

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Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding

nvidiagameworks/kaolin-wisp 16 Jan 2022

Neural graphics primitives, parameterized by fully connected neural networks, can be costly to train and evaluate.

3D Reconstruction 3D Shape Reconstruction +2

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Collaborative Neural Rendering using Anime Character Sheets

megvii-research/conr 12 Jul 2022

Drawing images of characters with desired poses is an essential but laborious task in anime production.

Neural Rendering

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Next-ViT: Next Generation Vision Transformer for Efficient Deployment in Realistic Industrial Scenarios

bytedance/next-vit 12 Jul 2022

Then, Next Hybrid Strategy (NHS) is designed to stack NCB and NTB in an efficient hybrid paradigm, which boosts performance in various downstream tasks.

Image Classification

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KeypointNeRF: Generalizing Image-based Volumetric Avatars using Relative Spatial Encoding of Keypoints

facebookresearch/KeypointNeRF 10 May 2022

In this work, we investigate common issues with existing spatial encodings and propose a simple yet highly effective approach to modeling high-fidelity volumetric humans from sparse views.

3D Face Reconstruction 3D Human Reconstruction +2

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Deep Patch Visual Odometry

princeton-vl/dpvo 8 Aug 2022

We propose Deep Patch Visual Odometry (DPVO), a new deep learning system for monocular Visual Odometry (VO).

Monocular Visual Odometry

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USB: A Unified Semi-supervised Learning Benchmark

microsoft/semi-supervised-learning 12 Aug 2022

Semi-supervised learning (SSL) improves model generalization by leveraging massive unlabeled data to augment limited labeled samples.

Natural Language Processing

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Neural Density-Distance Fields

ueda0319/neddf 29 Jul 2022

However, it is difficult to achieve high localization performance by only density fields-based methods such as Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) since they do not provide density gradient in most empty regions.

Novel View Synthesis Visual Localization

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DeepNet: Scaling Transformers to 1,000 Layers

facebookresearch/xformers 1 Mar 2022

In this paper, we propose a simple yet effective method to stabilize extremely deep Transformers.


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