Fantasia3D: Disentangling Geometry and Appearance for High-quality Text-to-3D Content Creation

Gorilla-Lab-SCUT/Fantasia3D 24 Mar 2023

Key to Fantasia3D is the disentangled modeling and learning of geometry and appearance.

Text to 3D

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Equivariant Similarity for Vision-Language Foundation Models

wangt-cn/eqben 25 Mar 2023

Unlike the existing image-text similarity objective which only categorizes matched pairs as similar and unmatched pairs as dissimilar, equivariance also requires similarity to vary faithfully according to the semantic changes.

Retrieval Text Retrieval +1

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More than you've asked for: A Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Prompt Injection Threats to Application-Integrated Large Language Models

greshake/lm-safety 23 Feb 2023

In such attacks, an adversary can prompt the LLM to produce malicious content or override the original instructions and the employed filtering schemes.

Instruction Following Retrieval

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Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback

ggerganov/llama.cpp 4 Mar 2022

In this paper, we show an avenue for aligning language models with user intent on a wide range of tasks by fine-tuning with human feedback.

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SadTalker: Learning Realistic 3D Motion Coefficients for Stylized Audio-Driven Single Image Talking Face Animation

winfredy/sadtalker 22 Nov 2022

We present SadTalker, which generates 3D motion coefficients (head pose, expression) of the 3DMM from audio and implicitly modulates a novel 3D-aware face render for talking head generation.

Talking Head Generation

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Your Diffusion Model is Secretly a Zero-Shot Classifier

diffusion-classifier/diffusion-classifier 28 Mar 2023

Finally, we use Diffusion Classifier to extract standard classifiers from class-conditional diffusion models trained on ImageNet.

Image Generation Relational Reasoning +1

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Let 2D Diffusion Model Know 3D-Consistency for Robust Text-to-3D Generation

KU-CVLAB/3DFuse 14 Mar 2023

Text-to-3D generation has shown rapid progress in recent days with the advent of score distillation, a methodology of using pretrained text-to-2D diffusion models to optimize neural radiance field (NeRF) in the zero-shot setting.

Single-View 3D Reconstruction Text to 3D

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GLM-130B: An Open Bilingual Pre-trained Model

thudm/glm-130b 5 Oct 2022

We introduce GLM-130B, a bilingual (English and Chinese) pre-trained language model with 130 billion parameters.

Language Modelling Multi-task Language Understanding +1

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Reflexion: an autonomous agent with dynamic memory and self-reflection

noahshinn024/reflexion 20 Mar 2023

To achieve full automation, we introduce a straightforward yet effective heuristic that enables the agent to pinpoint hallucination instances, avoid repetition in action sequences, and, in some environments, construct an internal memory map of the given environment.

Decision Making Language Modelling

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