Pen and Paper Exercises in Machine Learning

michaelgutmann/ml-pen-and-paper-exercises 27 Jun 2022

This is a collection of (mostly) pen-and-paper exercises in machine learning.

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LViT: Language meets Vision Transformer in Medical Image Segmentation

huanglizi/lvit 29 Jun 2022

In our model, medical text annotation is introduced to compensate for the quality deficiency in image data.

Medical Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

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Multi-Graph Fusion Networks for Urban Region Embedding

wushangbin/mgfn 24 Jan 2022

Human mobility data contains rich but abundant information, which yields to the comprehensive region embeddings for cross domain tasks.

Crime Prediction

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Forecasting Future World Events with Neural Networks

andyzoujm/autocast 30 Jun 2022

We test language models on our forecasting task and find that performance is far below a human expert baseline.

Decision Making Language Modelling

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Denoised MDPs: Learning World Models Better Than the World Itself

facebookresearch/denoised_mdp 30 Jun 2022

The ability to separate signal from noise, and reason with clean abstractions, is critical to intelligence.

Representation Learning

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Ivy: Templated Deep Learning for Inter-Framework Portability

ivy-dl/ivy 4 Feb 2021

We introduce Ivy, a templated Deep Learning (DL) framework which abstracts existing DL frameworks.

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BoT-SORT: Robust Associations Multi-Pedestrian Tracking

niraharon/bot-sort 29 Jun 2022

The goal of multi-object tracking (MOT) is detecting and tracking all the objects in a scene, while keeping a unique identifier for each object.

 Ranked #1 on Multi-Object Tracking on MOT20 (using extra training data)

Multi-Object Tracking

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ProGen2: Exploring the Boundaries of Protein Language Models

salesforce/progen 27 Jun 2022

Attention-based models trained on protein sequences have demonstrated incredible success at classification and generation tasks relevant for artificial intelligence-driven protein design.

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BLIP: Bootstrapping Language-Image Pre-training for Unified Vision-Language Understanding and Generation

towhee-io/towhee 28 Jan 2022

Furthermore, performance improvement has been largely achieved by scaling up the dataset with noisy image-text pairs collected from the web, which is a suboptimal source of supervision.

Image Captioning Visual Question Answering

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TSM: Temporal Shift Module for Efficient Video Understanding

towhee-io/towhee ICCV 2019

The explosive growth in video streaming gives rise to challenges on performing video understanding at high accuracy and low computation cost.

Action Classification Action Recognition +4

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