Real-ESRGAN: Training Real-World Blind Super-Resolution with Pure Synthetic Data

xinntao/Real-ESRGAN 22 Jul 2021

Though many attempts have been made in blind super-resolution to restore low-resolution images with unknown and complex degradations, they are still far from addressing general real-world degraded images.

Video Super-Resolution

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Physics-based Deep Learning

tum-pbs/pbdl-book 11 Sep 2021

This digital book contains a practical and comprehensive introduction of everything related to deep learning in the context of physical simulations.

Physical Simulations

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Probabilistic Forecasting with Temporal Convolutional Neural Network

unit8co/darts 11 Jun 2019

We present a probabilistic forecasting framework based on convolutional neural network for multiple related time series forecasting.

Representation Learning Time Series +1

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TabNet: Attentive Interpretable Tabular Learning

microsoft/qlib 20 Aug 2019

We propose a novel high-performance and interpretable canonical deep tabular data learning architecture, TabNet.

Decision Making Feature Selection +3

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Learning Multiple Stock Trading Patterns with Temporal Routing Adaptor and Optimal Transport

microsoft/qlib 24 Jun 2021

In this paper, we propose a novel architecture, Temporal Routing Adaptor (TRA), to empower existing stock prediction models with the ability to model multiple stock trading patterns.

Stock Prediction

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Image Shape Manipulation from a Single Augmented Training Sample

eliahuhorwitz/DeepSIM 13 Sep 2021

In this paper, we present DeepSIM, a generative model for conditional image manipulation based on a single image.

Image Manipulation

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RAFT-Stereo: Multilevel Recurrent Field Transforms for Stereo Matching

princeton-vl/raft-stereo 15 Sep 2021

We introduce RAFT-Stereo, a new deep architecture for rectified stereo based on the optical flow network RAFT.

Optical Flow Estimation Stereo Matching

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Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions

saic-mdal/lama 15 Sep 2021

We find that one of the main reasons for that is the lack of an effective receptive field in both the inpainting network and the loss function.

Image Inpainting

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LibFewShot: A Comprehensive Library for Few-shot Learning

rl-vig/libfewshot 10 Sep 2021

Furthermore, based on LibFewShot, we provide comprehensive evaluations on multiple benchmark datasets with multiple backbone architectures to evaluate common pitfalls and effects of different training tricks.

Data Augmentation Few-Shot Image Classification +1

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