Segment Anything in High Quality

syscv/sam-hq 2 Jun 2023

HQ-SAM is only trained on the introduced detaset of 44k masks, which takes only 4 hours on 8 GPUs.

2D Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

5.50 stars / hour

CodeTF: One-stop Transformer Library for State-of-the-art Code LLM

salesforce/codetf 31 May 2023

In this paper, we present CodeTF, an open-source Transformer-based library for state-of-the-art Code LLMs and code intelligence.

4.07 stars / hour

ReWOO: Decoupling Reasoning from Observations for Efficient Augmented Language Models

billxbf/rewoo 23 May 2023

Augmented Language Models (ALMs) blend the reasoning capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) with tools that allow for knowledge retrieval and action execution.


3.27 stars / hour

SpQR: A Sparse-Quantized Representation for Near-Lossless LLM Weight Compression

vahe1994/spqr 5 Jun 2023

Recent advances in large language model (LLM) pretraining have led to high-quality LLMs with impressive abilities.

Language Modelling Quantization

2.61 stars / hour

DeepFilterNet: Perceptually Motivated Real-Time Speech Enhancement

rikorose/deepfilternet 14 May 2023

Multi-frame algorithms for single-channel speech enhancement are able to take advantage from short-time correlations within the speech signal.

Speech Enhancement

2.44 stars / hour

Youku-mPLUG: A 10 Million Large-scale Chinese Video-Language Dataset for Pre-training and Benchmarks

x-plug/youku-mplug 7 Jun 2023

In addition, to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of video-language models, we carefully build the largest human-annotated Chinese benchmarks covering three popular video-language tasks of cross-modal retrieval, video captioning, and video category classification.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Language Modelling +2

1.71 stars / hour

Video-LLaMA: An Instruction-tuned Audio-Visual Language Model for Video Understanding

damo-nlp-sg/video-llama 5 Jun 2023

For the second challenge, we leverage ImageBind, a universal embedding model aligning multiple modalities as the pre-trained audio encoder, and introduce an Audio Q-former on top of ImageBind to learn reasonable auditory query embeddings for the LLM module.

Language Modelling Text Generation +1

1.67 stars / hour

A Literature Study of Embeddings on Source Code

boyter/cs 5 Apr 2019

In this survey, we aim to collect and discuss the usage of word embedding techniques on programs and source code.

1.63 stars / hour

Fine-Tuning Language Models with Just Forward Passes

princeton-nlp/mezo 27 May 2023

Fine-tuning language models (LMs) has yielded success on diverse downstream tasks, but as LMs grow in size, backpropagation requires a prohibitively large amount of memory.


1.56 stars / hour

Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs

ShishirPatil/gorilla 24 May 2023

Large Language Models (LLMs) have seen an impressive wave of advances recently, with models now excelling in a variety of tasks, such as mathematical reasoning and program synthesis.

Language Modelling Mathematical Reasoning +2

1.46 stars / hour