GLU Variants Improve Transformer

BlinkDL/RWKV-LM 12 Feb 2020

Gated Linear Units (arXiv:1612. 08083) consist of the component-wise product of two linear projections, one of which is first passed through a sigmoid function.

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OPT: Open Pre-trained Transformer Language Models

facebookresearch/metaseq 2 May 2022

Large language models, which are often trained for hundreds of thousands of compute days, have shown remarkable capabilities for zero- and few-shot learning.

Hate Speech Detection Language Modelling +1

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A Lightweight Instrument-Agnostic Model for Polyphonic Note Transcription and Multipitch Estimation

spotify/basic-pitch 18 Mar 2022

Despite its simplicity, benchmark results show our system's note estimation to be substantially better than a comparable baseline, and its frame-level accuracy to be only marginally below those of specialized state-of-the-art AMT systems.

Event Detection Frame +1

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Few-Shot Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning is Better and Cheaper than In-Context Learning

r-three/t-few 11 May 2022

ICL incurs substantial computational, memory, and storage costs because it involves processing all of the training examples every time a prediction is made.

Few-Shot Text Classification

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SVTR: Scene Text Recognition with a Single Visual Model

PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR 30 Apr 2022

Dominant scene text recognition models commonly contain two building blocks, a visual model for feature extraction and a sequence model for text transcription.

Scene Text Recognition

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DualDis: Dual-Branch Disentangling with Adversarial Learning

ThomasRobertFr/deep-learning-figures 3 Jun 2019

To effectively separate the information, we propose to use a combination of regular and adversarial classifiers to guide the two branches in specializing for class and attribute information respectively.

Data Augmentation Image Manipulation +1

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Surface Representation for Point Clouds

hancyran/RepSurf 11 May 2022

Based on a simple baseline of PointNet++ (SSG version), Umbrella RepSurf surpasses the previous state-of-the-art by a large margin for classification, segmentation and detection on various benchmarks in terms of performance and efficiency.

3D Object Detection 3D Point Cloud Classification +2

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View Synthesis with Sculpted Neural Points

princeton-vl/snp 12 May 2022

We address the task of view synthesis, which can be posed as recovering a rendering function that renders new views from a set of existing images.

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READ: Large-Scale Neural Scene Rendering for Autonomous Driving

JOP-Lee/READ-Large-Scale-Neural-Scene-Rendering-for-Autonomous-Driving 11 May 2022

In this paper, a large-scale neural rendering method is proposed to synthesize the autonomous driving scene~(READ), which makes it possible to synthesize large-scale driving scenarios on a PC through a variety of sampling schemes.

3D Scene Reconstruction Autonomous Driving +4

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Implementation of an Automated Learning System for Non-experts

industryessentials/ymir 26 Mar 2022

This paper detailed the engineering system implementation of an automated machine learning system called YMIR, which completely relies on graphical interface to interact with users.

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