Agents: An Open-source Framework for Autonomous Language Agents

aiwaves-cn/agents 14 Sep 2023

Recent advances on large language models (LLMs) enable researchers and developers to build autonomous language agents that can automatically solve various tasks and interact with environments, humans, and other agents using natural language interfaces.

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The Rise and Potential of Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey

woooodyy/llm-agent-paper-list 14 Sep 2023

Many efforts have been made to develop intelligent agents, but they mainly focus on advancement in algorithms or training strategies to enhance specific capabilities or performance on particular tasks.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

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NExT-GPT: Any-to-Any Multimodal LLM

NExT-GPT/NExT-GPT 11 Sep 2023

While recently Multimodal Large Language Models (MM-LLMs) have made exciting strides, they mostly fall prey to the limitation of only input-side multimodal understanding, without the ability to produce content in multiple modalities.

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ProPainter: Improving Propagation and Transformer for Video Inpainting

sczhou/propainter 7 Sep 2023

We also propose a mask-guided sparse video Transformer, which achieves high efficiency by discarding unnecessary and redundant tokens.

Optical Flow Estimation Video Inpainting

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OverFlow: Putting flows on top of neural transducers for better TTS

coqui-ai/TTS 13 Nov 2022

Neural HMMs are a type of neural transducer recently proposed for sequence-to-sequence modelling in text-to-speech.

Ranked #11 on Text-To-Speech Synthesis on LJSpeech (using extra training data)

Normalising Flows Speech Synthesis +1

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AgentVerse: Facilitating Multi-Agent Collaboration and Exploring Emergent Behaviors in Agents

openbmb/agentverse 21 Aug 2023

Autonomous agents empowered by Large Language Models (LLMs) have undergone significant improvements, enabling them to generalize across a broad spectrum of tasks.

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Communicative Agents for Software Development

openbmb/chatdev 16 Jul 2023

At the core of this paradigm lies ChatDev, a virtual chat-powered software development company that mirrors the established waterfall model, meticulously dividing the development process into four distinct chronological stages: designing, coding, testing, and documenting.

Decision Making

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Baichuan 2: Open Large-scale Language Models

baichuan-inc/baichuan2 19 Sep 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated remarkable performance on a variety of natural language tasks based on just a few examples of natural language instructions, reducing the need for extensive feature engineering.

Feature Engineering GSM8K

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Nougat: Neural Optical Understanding for Academic Documents

facebookresearch/nougat 25 Aug 2023

Scientific knowledge is predominantly stored in books and scientific journals, often in the form of PDFs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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GPTFUZZER : Red Teaming Large Language Models with Auto-Generated Jailbreak Prompts

sherdencooper/gptfuzz 19 Sep 2023

Notably, even starting with suboptimal seed templates, \fuzzer maintains over 90\% attack success rate against ChatGPT and Llama-2 models.

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