Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search With The Navigating Spreading-out Graph

milvus-io/milvus 1 Jul 2017

In this paper, to further improve the search-efficiency and scalability of graph-based methods, we start by introducing four aspects: (1) ensuring the connectivity of the graph; (2) lowering the average out-degree of the graph for fast traversal; (3) shortening the search path; and (4) reducing the index size.

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Text-Guided Synthesis of Artistic Images with Retrieval-Augmented Diffusion Models

compvis/latent-diffusion 26 Jul 2022

In RDMs, a set of nearest neighbors is retrieved from an external database during training for each training instance, and the diffusion model is conditioned on these informative samples.

Image Generation Prompt Engineering

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Quality-Aware Memory Network for Interactive Volumetric Image Segmentation

0liliulei/Mem3D 20 Jun 2021

The proposed network has two appealing characteristics: 1) The memory-augmented network offers the ability to quickly encode past segmentation information, which will be retrieved for the segmentation of other slices; 2) The quality assessment module enables the model to directly estimate the qualities of segmentation predictions, which allows an active learning paradigm where users preferentially label the lowest-quality slice for multi-round refinement.

Active Learning Image Segmentation +3

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Transformers in Time Series: A Survey

qingsongedu/time-series-transformers-review 15 Feb 2022

To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first work to comprehensively and systematically summarize the recent advances of Transformers for modeling time series data.

Anomaly Detection Time Series

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An Image is Worth One Word: Personalizing Text-to-Image Generation using Textual Inversion

rinongal/textual_inversion 2 Aug 2022

Yet, it is unclear how such freedom can be exercised to generate images of specific unique concepts, modify their appearance, or compose them in new roles and novel scenes.

Text to image generation Text-to-Image Generation

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FedML: A Research Library and Benchmark for Federated Machine Learning

FedML-AI/FedML 27 Jul 2020

Federated learning (FL) is a rapidly growing research field in machine learning.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Distributed Computing +1

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Zero-Shot Text-Guided Object Generation with Dream Fields

shengyu-meng/dreamfields-3D CVPR 2022

Our method, Dream Fields, can generate the geometry and color of a wide range of objects without 3D supervision.

Neural Rendering

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ADBench: Anomaly Detection Benchmark

minqi824/adbench 19 Jun 2022

Given a long list of anomaly detection algorithms developed in the last few decades, how do they perform with regard to (i) varying levels of supervision, (ii) different types of anomalies, and (iii) noisy and corrupted data?

Anomaly Detection Outlier Detection

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Acme: A Research Framework for Distributed Reinforcement Learning

deepmind/acme 1 Jun 2020

These implementations serve both as a validation of our design decisions as well as an important contribution to reproducibility in RL research.

DQN Replay Dataset reinforcement-learning

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HUMAP: Hierarchical Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection

wilsonjr/humap 14 Jun 2021

Dimensionality reduction (DR) techniques help analysts to understand patterns in high-dimensional spaces.

Dimensionality Reduction

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