MGTBench: Benchmarking Machine-Generated Text Detection

xinleihe/mgtbench 26 Mar 2023

Nonetheless, we note that only a small fraction of adversarial-crafted perturbations on MGTs can evade the ChatGPT Detector, thus highlighting the need for more robust MGT detection methods.

Benchmarking Question Answering +3

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Data-centric Artificial Intelligence: A Survey

daochenzha/data-centric-ai 17 Mar 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a profound impact in almost every domain.

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Anti-DreamBooth: Protecting users from personalized text-to-image synthesis

vinairesearch/anti-dreambooth 27 Mar 2023

Despite the complicated formulation of DreamBooth and Diffusion-based text-to-image models, our methods effectively defend users from the malicious use of those models.

Image Generation

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SwiftFormer: Efficient Additive Attention for Transformer-based Real-time Mobile Vision Applications

amshaker/swiftformer 27 Mar 2023

Using our proposed efficient additive attention, we build a series of models called "SwiftFormer" which achieves state-of-the-art performance in terms of both accuracy and mobile inference speed.

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CelebV-Text: A Large-Scale Facial Text-Video Dataset

CelebV-Text/CelebV-Text 26 Mar 2023

This paper presents CelebV-Text, a large-scale, diverse, and high-quality dataset of facial text-video pairs, to facilitate research on facial text-to-video generation tasks.

Text Generation Text-to-Video Generation +1

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InceptionNeXt: When Inception Meets ConvNeXt

sail-sg/inceptionnext 29 Mar 2023

Inspired by the long-range modeling ability of ViTs, large-kernel convolutions are widely studied and adopted recently to enlarge the receptive field and improve model performance, like the remarkable work ConvNeXt which employs 7x7 depthwise convolution.

Image Classification Semantic Segmentation

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unarXive 2022: All arXiv Publications Pre-Processed for NLP, Including Structured Full-Text and Citation Network

IllDepence/unarXive 27 Mar 2023

Large-scale data sets on scholarly publications are the basis for a variety of bibliometric analyses and natural language processing (NLP) applications.

Citation Recommendation

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GPT-4 Technical Report

openai/evals Preprint 2023

We report the development of GPT-4, a large-scale, multimodal model which can accept image and text inputs and produce text outputs.

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You Only Segment Once: Towards Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation

hujiecpp/yoso 26 Mar 2023

To reduce the computational overhead, we design a feature pyramid aggregator for the feature map extraction, and a separable dynamic decoder for the panoptic kernel generation.

Panoptic Segmentation

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Neural Graph Reasoning: Complex Logical Query Answering Meets Graph Databases

neuralgraphdatabases/awesome-logical-query 26 Mar 2023

Extending the idea of graph databases (graph DBs), NGDB consists of a Neural Graph Storage and a Neural Graph Engine.

Link Prediction Logical Reasoning +1

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