SinDiffusion: Learning a Diffusion Model from a Single Natural Image

weilunwang/sindiffusion 22 Nov 2022

We present SinDiffusion, leveraging denoising diffusion models to capture internal distribution of patches from a single natural image.

Denoising Image Generation +1

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Benchopt: Reproducible, efficient and collaborative optimization benchmarks

benchopt/benchopt 27 Jun 2022

Numerical validation is at the core of machine learning research as it allows to assess the actual impact of new methods, and to confirm the agreement between theory and practice.

Image Classification Stochastic Optimization

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DreamBooth: Fine Tuning Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for Subject-Driven Generation

XavierXiao/Dreambooth-Stable-Diffusion 25 Aug 2022

Once the subject is embedded in the output domain of the model, the unique identifier can then be used to synthesize fully-novel photorealistic images of the subject contextualized in different scenes.

Image Generation

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AltCLIP: Altering the Language Encoder in CLIP for Extended Language Capabilities

Flag-Open/FlagAI 12 Nov 2022

In this work, we present a conceptually simple and effective method to train a strong bilingual/multilingual multimodal representation model.

Contrastive Learning Cross-Modal Retrieval +11

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Galactica: A Large Language Model for Science

paperswithcode/galai 16 Nov 2022

We believe these results demonstrate the potential for language models as a new interface for science.

Bias Detection Citation Prediction +12

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Closed-form Continuous-time Neural Models

raminmh/CfC 25 Jun 2021

To this end, we compute a tightly-bounded approximation of the solution of an integral appearing in LTCs' dynamics, that has had no known closed-form solution so far.

Sentiment Analysis Time Series Prediction

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Inversion-Based Creativity Transfer with Diffusion Models

zyxelsa/creativity-transfer 23 Nov 2022

In this paper, we introduce the task of "Creativity Transfer".

Denoising Style Transfer +1

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Learning Object-Language Alignments for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection

clin1223/vldet 27 Nov 2022

In this paper, we propose a novel open-vocabulary object detection framework directly learning from image-text pair data.

object-detection Open Vocabulary Object Detection +2

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Latent-NeRF for Shape-Guided Generation of 3D Shapes and Textures

eladrich/latent-nerf 14 Nov 2022

This unique combination of text and shape guidance allows for increased control over the generation process.

Image Generation

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GENIUS: Sketch-based Language Model Pre-training via Extreme and Selective Masking for Text Generation and Augmentation

beyondguo/genius 18 Nov 2022

We introduce GENIUS: a conditional text generation model using sketches as input, which can fill in the missing contexts for a given sketch (key information consisting of textual spans, phrases, or words, concatenated by mask tokens).

Conditional Text Generation Data Augmentation +7

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