RANLP 2017

Detecting Online Hate Speech Using Context Aware Models

RANLP 2017 sjtuprog/fox-news-comments

In the wake of a polarizing election, the cyber world is laden with hate speech.


A Context-Aware Approach for Detecting Worth-Checking Claims in Political Debates

RANLP 2017 pgencheva/claim-rank

In the context of investigative journalism, we address the problem of automatically identifying which claims in a given document are most worthy and should be prioritized for fact-checking.

Fully Automated Fact Checking Using External Sources

RANLP 2017 gkaradzhov/FactcheckingRANLP

Given the constantly growing proliferation of false claims online in recent years, there has been also a growing research interest in automatically distinguishing false rumors from factually true claims.


Simple Open Stance Classification for Rumour Analysis

RANLP 2017 radpet/fake-news-detector

Stance classification determines the attitude, or stance, in a (typically short) text.

GRaSP: Grounded Representation and Source Perspective

RANLP 2017 cltl/GRaSP

When people or organizations provide information, they make choices regarding what information they include and how they present it.

Improving Discourse Relation Projection to Build Discourse Annotated Corpora

RANLP 2017 mjlaali/Europarl-ConcoDisco

We then used this corpus to train a classifier to identify the discourse-usage of French discourse connectives and show a 15% improvement of F1-score compared to the classifier trained on the non-filtered annotations.