1,417 People – 3D Living_Face & Anti_Spoofing Data

Description: 1,417 People – 3D Living_Face & Anti_Spoofing Data. The collection scenes include indoor and outdoor scenes. The dataset includes males and females. The age distribution ranges from juvenile to the elderly, the young people and the middle aged are the majorities. The device includes iPhone X, iPhone XR. The data diversity includes various expressions, facial postures, anti-spoofing samples, multiple light conditions, multiple scenes. This data can be used for tasks such as 3D face recognition, 3D Living_Face & Anti_Spoofing.

Data size: 1,417 people, 168 images for each person

Population distribution: race distribution: 1,105 Asians, 136 Caucasians, 176 blacks; gender distribution: 772 males, 645 females; age distribution: 1,080 people aged from 18 to 45, 314 people aged from 46 to 60, 23 people over 60 years old


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