28 Ghz wireless channel dataset

Introduced by Jain et al. in Two beams are better than one: Enabling reliable and high throughput mmWave links

Our dataset which consists of multiple indoor and outdoor experiments for up to 30 m gNB-UE link. In each experiment, we fixed the location of the gNB and move the UE with an increment of roughly one degrees. The table above specifies the direction of user movement with respect to gNB-UE link, distance resolution, and the number of user locations for which we conduct channel measurements. Outdoor 30 m data also contains blockage between 3.9 m to 4.8 m. At each location, we scan the transmission beam and collect data for each beam. By doing so, we can get the full OFDM channels for different locations along the moving trajectory with all the beam angles. Moreover, we use 240 kHz subcarrier spacing, which is consistent with the 5G NR numerology at FR2, so the data we collect will be a true reflection of what a 5G UE will see.


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