2D-3D Match Dataset

Introduced by Pham et al. in LCD: Learned Cross-Domain Descriptors for 2D-3D Matching

2D-3D Match Dataset is a new dataset of 2D-3D correspondences by leveraging the availability of several 3D datasets from RGB-D scans. Specifically, the data from SceneNN and 3DMatch are used. The training dataset consists of 110 RGB-D scans, of which 56 scenes are from SceneNN and 54 scenes are from 3DMatch. The 2D-3D correspondence data is generated as follows. Given a 3D point which is randomly sampled from a 3D point cloud, a set of 3D patches from different scanning views are extracted. To find a 2D-3D correspondence, for each 3D patch, its 3D position is re-projected into all RGB-D frames for which the point lies in the camera frustum, taking occlusion into account. The corresponding local 2D patches around the re-projected point are extracted. In total, around 1.4 millions 2D-3D correspondences are collected.

Source: 2D-3D Match Dataset


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