2D Hela

2D HeLa is a dataset of fluorescence microscopy images of HeLa cells stained with various organelle-specific fluorescent dyes. The images include 10 organelles, which are DNA (Nuclei), ER (Endoplasmic reticulum), Giantin, (cis/medial Golgi), GPP130 (cis Golgi), Lamp2 (Lysosomes), Mitochondria, Nucleolin (Nucleoli), Actin, TfR (Endosomes), Tubulin. The purpose of the dataset is to train a computer program to automatically identify sub-cellular organelles.

Paper: M. V. Boland and R. F. Murphy (2001). A Neural Network Classifier Capable of Recognizing the Patterns of all Major Subcellular Structures in Fluorescence Microscope Images of HeLa Cells. Bioinformatics 17:1213-1223

Source: Identifying Sub-cellular Organelles


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