AeBAD (Aero-engine Blade Anomaly Detection Dataset)

Introduced by Zhang et al. in Industrial Anomaly Detection with Domain Shift: A Real-world Dataset and Masked Multi-scale Reconstruction

Unlike previous datasets that focus on detecting the diversity of defect categories (like MVTec AD and VisA), AeBAD is centered on the diversity of domains within the same data category.

The aim of AeBAD is to automatically detect abnormalities in the blades of aero-engines, ensuring their stable operation. AeBAD consists of two sub-datasets: the single-blade dataset (AeBAD-S) and the video anomaly detection of blades (AeBAD-V). AeBAD-S comprises images of single blades of different scales, with a primary feature being that the samples are not aligned. Furthermore, there is a domain shift between the distribution of normal samples in the test set and the training set, where the domain shifts are mainly caused by the changes in illumination and view. AeBAD-V, on the other hand, includes videos of blades assembled on the blisks of aero-engines, with the aim of detecting blade anomalies during blisk rotation. A distinctive feature of AeBAD-V is that the shooting view in the test set differs from that in the training set.


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