AIST++ is a 3D dance dataset which contains 3D motion reconstructed from real dancers paired with music. The AIST++ Dance Motion Dataset is constructed from the AIST Dance Video DB. With multi-view videos, an elaborate pipeline is designed to estimate the camera parameters, 3D human keypoints and 3D human dance motion sequences:

  • It provides 3D human keypoint annotations and camera parameters for 10.1M images, covering 30 different subjects in 9 views. These attributes makes it the largest and richest existing dataset with 3D human keypoint annotations.
  • It also contains 1,408 sequences of 3D human dance motion, represented as joint rotations along with root trajectories. The dance motions are equally distributed among 10 dance genres with hundreds of choreographies. Motion durations vary from 7.4 sec. to 48.0 sec. All the dance motions have corresponding music.


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