APPS (Automated Programming Progress Standard)

Introduced by Hendrycks et al. in Measuring Coding Challenge Competence With APPS

The APPS dataset consists of problems collected from different open-access coding websites such as Codeforces, Kattis, and more. The APPS benchmark attempts to mirror how humans programmers are evaluated by posing coding problems in unrestricted natural language and evaluating the correctness of solutions. The problems range in difficulty from introductory to collegiate competition level and measure coding ability as well as problem-solving.

The Automated Programming Progress Standard, abbreviated APPS, consists of 10,000 coding problems in total, with 131,836 test cases for checking solutions and 232,444 ground-truth solutions written by humans. Problems can be complicated, as the average length of a problem is 293.2 words. The data are split evenly into training and test sets, with 5,000 problems each. In the test set, every problem has multiple test cases, and the average number of test cases is 21.2. Each test case is specifically designed for the corresponding problem, enabling us to rigorously evaluate program functionality.

Source: Measuring Coding Challenge Competence With APPS


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