ArtBench-10 (32x32)

Introduced by Liao et al. in The ArtBench Dataset: Benchmarking Generative Models with Artworks

We introduce ArtBench-10, the first class-balanced, high-quality, cleanly annotated, and standardized dataset for benchmarking artwork generation. It comprises 60,000 images of artwork from 10 distinctive artistic styles, with 5,000 training images and 1,000 testing images per style. ArtBench-10 has several advantages over previous artwork datasets. Firstly, it is class-balanced while most previous artwork datasets suffer from the long tail class distributions. Secondly, the images are of high quality with clean annotations. Thirdly, ArtBench-10 is created with standardized data collection, annotation, filtering, and preprocessing procedures. We provide three versions of the dataset with different resolutions (32×32, 256×256, and original image size), formatted in a way that is easy to be incorporated by popular machine learning frameworks.


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