AtariARI (Atari Annotated RAM Interface)

Introduced by Anand et al. in Unsupervised State Representation Learning in Atari

The AtariARI (Atari Annotated RAM Interface) is an environment for representation learning. The Atari Arcade Learning Environment (ALE) does not explicitly expose any ground truth state information. However, ALE does expose the RAM state (128 bytes per timestep) which are used by the game programmer to store important state information such as the location of sprites, the state of the clock, or the current room the agent is in. To extract these variables, the dataset creators consulted commented disassemblies (or source code) of Atari 2600 games which were made available by Engelhardt and Jentzsch and CPUWIZ. The dataset creators were able to find and verify important state variables for a total of 22 games. Once this information was acquired, combining it with the ALE interface produced a wrapper that can automatically output a state label for every example frame generated from the game. The dataset creators make this available with an easy-to-use gym wrapper, which returns this information with no change to existing code using gym interfaces.



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