The BP4D-Spontaneous dataset is a 3D video database of spontaneous facial expressions in a diverse group of young adults. Well-validated emotion inductions were used to elicit expressions of emotion and paralinguistic communication. Frame-level ground-truth for facial actions was obtained using the Facial Action Coding System. Facial features were tracked in both 2D and 3D domains using both person-specific and generic approaches. The database includes forty-one participants (23 women, 18 men). They were 18 – 29 years of age; 11 were Asian, 6 were African-American, 4 were Hispanic, and 20 were Euro-American. An emotion elicitation protocol was designed to elicit emotions of participants effectively. Eight tasks were covered with an interview process and a series of activities to elicit eight emotions. The database is structured by participants. Each participant is associated with 8 tasks. For each task, there are both 3D and 2D videos. As well, the Metadata include manually annotated action units (FACS AU), automatically tracked head pose, and 2D/3D facial landmarks. The database is in the size of about 2.6TB (without compression).



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