BRUSH (Brown University Stylus Handwriting)

Introduced by Kotani et al. in Generating Handwriting via Decoupled Style Descriptors

The BRUSH dataset (BRown University Stylus Handwriting) contains 27,649 online handwriting samples from a total of 170 writers. Every sequence is labeled with intended characters such that dataset users can identify to which character a point in a sequence corresponds. The dataset was introduced in the paper "Generating Handwriting via Decoupled Style Descriptors" by Atsunobu Kotani, Stefanie Tellex, James Tompkin from Brown University, presented at European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020.

Terms of Use

The BRUSH dataset may only be used for non-commercial research purposes. Anyone wanting to use it for other purposes should contact Prof. James Tompkin. If you publish materials based on this database, we request that you please include a reference to our paper.

  title={Generating Handwriting via Decoupled Style Descriptors},
  author={Kotani, Atsunobu and Tellex, Stefanie and Tompkin, James},
  booktitle={European Conference on Computer Vision},


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