CamVid (Cambridge-driving Labeled Video Database)

Introduced by Gabriel J. Brostow et al. in Semantic object classes in video: A high-definition ground truth database

CamVid (Cambridge-driving Labeled Video Database) is a road/driving scene understanding database which was originally captured as five video sequences with a 960×720 resolution camera mounted on the dashboard of a car. Those sequences were sampled (four of them at 1 fps and one at 15 fps) adding up to 701 frames. Those stills were manually annotated with 32 classes: void, building, wall, tree, vegetation, fence, sidewalk, parking block, column/pole, traffic cone, bridge, sign, miscellaneous text, traffic light, sky, tunnel, archway, road, road shoulder, lane markings (driving), lane markings (non-driving), animal, pedestrian, child, cart luggage, bicyclist, motorcycle, car, SUV/pickup/truck, truck/bus, train, and other moving object

Source: A Review on Deep Learning TechniquesApplied to Semantic Segmentation


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