Cards Against Humanity

Introduced by Ofer et al. in Cards Against AI: Predicting Humor in a Fill-in-the-blank Party Game

A dataset of games played in the card game "Cards Against Humanity" (CAH), by human players, derived from the online CAH labs. Each round includes the cards presented to users - a "black" prompt with a blank or question and 10 "white" punchlines as possible responses, and which punchline was picked by a player each round, along with text and metadata.

An example prompt is “TSA guidelines now prohibit ___ on airplanes”. Candidate punchlines are “Goblins”, “BATMAN!!!”, “Poor people”, and “The right amount of cocaine”. Importantly, many cards are offensive or politically incorrect.

Used to explore human humor preferences.

Available upon request from CAH labs: Train/test splits and data processing available in the paper/code: "Cards Against AI: Predicting Humor in a Fill-in-the-blank Party Game":


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