CaseHOLD (Case Holdings On Legal Decisions)

Introduced by Zheng et al. in When Does Pretraining Help? Assessing Self-Supervised Learning for Law and the CaseHOLD Dataset

CaseHOLD (Case Holdings On Legal Decisions) is a law dataset comprised of over 53,000+ multiple choice questions to identify the relevant holding of a cited case. This dataset presents a fundamental task to lawyers and is both legally meaningful and difficult from an NLP perspective (F1 of 0.4 with a BiLSTM baseline). The citing context from the judicial decision serves as the prompt for the question. The answer choices are holding statements derived from citations following text in a legal decision. There are five answer choices for each citing text. The correct answer is the holding statement that corresponds to the citing text. The four incorrect answers are other holding statements.

To read more about the dataset, please see our paper or our blogpost.


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