CholecT50 (Cholecystectomy Action Triplet)

Introduced by Nwoye et al. in Rendezvous: Attention Mechanisms for the Recognition of Surgical Action Triplets in Endoscopic Videos

CholecT50 is a dataset of endoscopic videos of laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery introduced to enable research on fine-grained action recognition in laparoscopic surgery. It is annotated with triplet information in the form of <instrument, verb, target>. The dataset is a collection of 50 videos consisting of 45 videos from the Cholec80 dataset and 5 videos from an in-house dataset of the same surgical procedure.

CholecT50 is an extension of CholecT40 with 10 additional videos and standardized classes.

CholecT45 is a subset of CholecT50 consisting of 45 videos from the Cholec80 dataset and first public release of CholecT50.

The following are the official variants of the dataset:

  • 1. CholecT50 : the original version as used in the Rendezvous publication.
  • 2.CholecT50 (challenge) : the variant used in CholecTriplet challenge.
  • 3. CholecT50 (cross-val): official cross validation split of CholecT50.
  • 4. CholecT45 (cross-val): official cross validation split of CholecT45.
  • 5. CholecT40 : the original version of CholecT40 as used in Tripnet publication.

The complete dataset split information is given here.


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