CI-MNIST (Correlated and Imbalanced MNIST)

Introduced by Reddy et al. in Benchmarking Bias Mitigation Algorithms in Representation Learning through Fairness Metrics

CI-MNIST (Correlated and Imbalanced MNIST) is a variant of MNIST dataset with introduced different types of correlations between attributes, dataset features, and an artificial eligibility criterion. For an input image $x$, the label $y \in \{1, 0\}$ indicates eligibility or ineligibility, respectively, given that $x$ is even or odd. The dataset defines the background colors as the protected or sensitive attribute $s \in \{0, 1\}$, where blue denotes the unprivileged group and red denotes the privileged group. The dataset was designed in order to evaluate bias-mitigation approaches in challenging setups and be capable of controlling different dataset configurations.


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