CICEROv2 (Contextualized Commonsense Inference in Dialogues (V2))

Introduced by Shen et al. in Multiview Contextual Commonsense Inference: A New Dataset and Task

The CICEROv2 dataset can be found in the data directory. Each line of the files is a json object indicating a single instance. The json objects have the following key-value pairs:

Key Value
ID Dialogue ID with dataset indicator.
Dialogue Utterances of the dialogue in a list.
Target Target utterance.
Question One of the five questions (inference types).
Choices Five possible answer choices in a list. One of the answers is
human written. The other four answers are machine generated
and selected through the Adversarial Filtering (AF) algorithm.
Human Written Answer Index of the human written answer in a
single element list. Index starts from 0.
Correct Answers List of all correct answers indicated as plausible
or speculatively correct by the human annotators.
Includes the index of the human written answer.

An example of the data is shown below.

{ "ID": "daily-dialogue-0404", "Dialogue": [ "A: Dad , why are you taping the windows ?", "B: Honey , a typhoon is coming .", "A: Really ? Wow , I don't have to go to school tomorrow .", "B: Jenny , come and help , we need to prepare more food .", "A: OK . Dad ! I'm coming ." ], "Target": "Jenny , come and help , we need to prepare more food .", "Question": "What subsequent event happens or could happen following the target?", "Choices": [ "Jenny and her father stockpile food for the coming days.", "The speaker and the listener go outside to purchase more food material for precaution.", "Jenny and her father give away all their food.", "Jenny and her father eat all the food in their refrigerator." ], "Correct Answers": [ 0, 1 ] }


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