We introduce an object detection dataset in challenging adverse weather conditions covering 12000 samples in real-world driving scenes and 1500 samples in controlled weather conditions within a fog chamber. The dataset includes different weather conditions like fog, snow, and rain and was acquired by over 10,000 km of driving in northern Europe. The driven route with cities along the road is shown on the right. In total, 100k Objekts were labeled with accurate 2D and 3D bounding boxes. The main contributions of this dataset are: - We provide a proving ground for a broad range of algorithms covering signal enhancement, domain adaptation, object detection, or multi-modal sensor fusion, focusing on the learning of robust redundancies between sensors, especially if they fail asymmetrically in different weather conditions. - The dataset was created with the initial intention to showcase methods, which learn of robust redundancies between the sensor and enable a raw data sensor fusion in case of asymmetric sensor failure induced through adverse weather effects. - In our case we departed from proposal level fusion and applied an adaptive fusion driven by measurement entropy enabling the detection also in case of unknown adverse weather effects. This method outperforms other reference fusion methods, which even drop in below single image methods. - Please check out our paper for more information.


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