CLEVR (Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning)

Introduced by Johnson et al. in CLEVR: A Diagnostic Dataset for Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning

CLEVR (Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning) is a synthetic Visual Question Answering dataset. It contains images of 3D-rendered objects; each image comes with a number of highly compositional questions that fall into different categories. Those categories fall into 5 classes of tasks: Exist, Count, Compare Integer, Query Attribute and Compare Attribute. The CLEVR dataset consists of: a training set of 70k images and 700k questions, a validation set of 15k images and 150k questions, a test set of 15k images and 150k questions about objects, answers, scene graphs and functional programs for all train and validation images and questions. Each object present in the scene, aside of position, is characterized by a set of four attributes: 2 sizes: large, small, 3 shapes: square, cylinder, sphere, 2 material types: rubber, metal, 8 color types: gray, blue, brown, yellow, red, green, purple, cyan, resulting in 96 unique combinations.

Source: On transfer learning using a MAC model variant


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Source: Johnson et al.