ConvAI2 (Conversational Intelligence Challenge 2)

Introduced by Dinan et al. in The Second Conversational Intelligence Challenge (ConvAI2)

The ConvAI2 NeurIPS competition aimed at finding approaches to creating high-quality dialogue agents capable of meaningful open domain conversation. The ConvAI2 dataset for training models is based on the PERSONA-CHAT dataset. The speaker pairs each have assigned profiles coming from a set of 1155 possible personas (at training time), each consisting of at least 5 profile sentences, setting aside 100 never seen before personas for validation. As the original PERSONA-CHAT test set was released, a new hidden test set consisted of 100 new personas and over 1,015 dialogs was created by crowdsourced workers.

To avoid modeling that takes advantage of trivial word overlap, additional rewritten sets of the same train and test personas were crowdsourced, with related sentences that are rephrases, generalizations or specializations, rendering the task much more challenging. For example “I just got my nails done” is revised as “I love to pamper myself on a regular basis” and “I am on a diet now” is revised as “I need to lose weight.”

The training, validation and hidden test sets consists of 17,878, 1,000 and 1,015 dialogues, respectively.

Source: The Second Conversational Intelligence Challenge (ConvAI2)


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