CoVA (CoVA dataset for Webpage Object Detection / Information Extraction)

Introduced by Kumar et al. in CoVA: Context-aware Visual Attention for Webpage Information Extraction

We labeled 7,740 webpage screenshots spanning 408 domains (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.). Each of these webpages contains exactly one labeled price, title, and image. All other web elements are labeled as background. On average, there are 90 web elements in a webpage.

Webpage screenshots and bounding boxes can be obtained here

Train-Val-Test split

We create a cross-domain split which ensures that each of the train, val and test sets contains webpages from different domains. Specifically, we construct a 3 : 1 : 1 split based on the number of distinct domains. We observed that the top-5 domains (based on number of samples) were Amazon, EBay, Walmart, Etsy, and Target. So, we created 5 different splits for 5-Fold Cross Validation such that each of the major domains is present in one of the 5 splits for test data.


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