CytoImageNet (CytoImageNet: A large-scale pretraining dataset for bioimage transfer learning)

Introduced by Hua et al. in CytoImageNet: A large-scale pretraining dataset for bioimage transfer learning

CytoImageNet is a large-scale pretraining dataset of microscopy images (890K, 894 classes). In the paper, CytoImageNet pretraining yielded features competitive to and different from ImageNet pretrained features on downstream microscopy tasks.

  • It was constructed from 40 openly available microscopy datasets.
  • Weak labels (from experimental metadata) were assigned to each image in the dataset.
  • Images are of varying sizes.

The primary purpose of the dataset is to be used for pretraining as a pretext task for learning useful bioimage representations. However, it may be used for validation or exploratory analysis.


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