DexYCB is a dataset for capturing hand grasping of objects. It can be used three relevant tasks: 2D object and keypoint detection, 6D object pose estimation, and 3D hand pose estimation.

The dataset was built using 20 objects from the YCB-Video dataset, and consists of multiple trials from 10 subjects. For each trial, there is a target object with 2 to 4 other objects placed on a table. The subject is asked to start from a relaxed pose, pick up the target object, and hold it in the air. Some subjects were asked to pretend to hand over the object to someone across from them. Each action is recorded for 3 seconds, repeating the trial 5 times for each target object, each time with a random set of accompanied objects and placement. In total there are 100 trials per subject, and 1,000 trials in total for all subjects.

Source: DexYCB: A Benchmark for Capturing Hand Grasping of Objects


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