DFEW (Dynamic Facial Expression in the Wild)

Introduced by Jiang et al. in DFEW: A Large-Scale Database for Recognizing Dynamic Facial Expressions in the Wild

Recently, facial expression recognition (FER) in the wild has gained a lot of researchers’ attention because it is a valuable topic to enable the FER techniques to move from the laboratory to the real applications. In this paper, we focus on this challenging but interesting topic and make contributions from three aspects. First, we present a new large-scale ’in-the-wild’ dynamic facial expression database, DFEW (Dynamic Facial Expression in the Wild), consisting of over 16,000 video clips from thousands of movies. These video clips contain various challenging interferences in practical scenarios such as extreme illumination, occlusions, and capricious pose changes. Second, we propose a novel method called ExpressionClustered Spatiotemporal Feature Learning (EC-STFL) framework to deal with dynamic FER in the wild. Third, we conduct extensive benchmark experiments on DFEW using a lot of spatiotemporal deep feature learning methods as well as our proposed EC-STFL. Experimental results show that DFEW is a well-designed and challenging database, and the proposed EC-STFL can promisingly improve the performance of existing spatiotemporal deep neural networks in coping with the problem of dynamic FER in the wild. Our DFEW database is publicly available and can be freely downloaded from https://dfew-dataset.github.io/.


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