DIODE (Dense Indoor and Outdoor Depth)

Introduced by Vasiljevic et al. in DIODE: A Dense Indoor and Outdoor DEpth Dataset

Diode Dense Indoor/Outdoor DEpth (DIODE) is the first standard dataset for monocular depth estimation comprising diverse indoor and outdoor scenes acquired with the same hardware setup. The training set consists of 8574 indoor and 16884 outdoor samples from 20 scans each. The validation set contains 325 indoor and 446 outdoor samples with each set from 10 different scans. The ground truth density for the indoor training and validation splits are approximately 99.54% and 99%, respectively. The density of the outdoor sets are naturally lower with 67.19% for training and 78.33% for validation subsets. The indoor and outdoor ranges for the dataset are 50m and 300m, respectively.

Source: Bidirectional Attention Network for Monocular Depth Estimation


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