DNA-Rendering is a large-scale, high-fidelity repository of human performance data for neural actor rendering. It contains over 1500 human subjects, 5000 motion sequences, and 67.5M frames' data volume. Upon the massive collections, the authors provide human subjects with grand categories of pose actions, body shapes, clothing, accessories, hairdos, and object intersection, which ranges the geometry and appearance variances from everyday life to professional occasions. Second, they provide rich assets for each subject -- 2D/3D human body keypoints, foreground masks, SMPLX models, cloth/accessory materials, multi-view images, and videos. These assets boost the current method's accuracy on downstream rendering tasks. Third, they construct a professional multi-View system to capture data, which contains 60 synchronous cameras with max 4096×3000 resolution, 15 fps speed, and stern camera calibration steps, ensuring high-quality resources for task training and evaluation.


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