DoPose (Dortmund 6D Pose dataset)

Introduced by Gouda et al. in Category-agnostic Segmentation for Robotic Grasping

DoPose (Dortmund 6D Pose dataset) is a dataset of highly cluttered and closely stacked objects. The dataset is saved in the BOP format. The dataset includes RGB images, Depth images, 6D Pose of objects, segmentation mask (all and visible), COCO Json annotation, camera transformations, and 3D model of all objects. The dataset contains 2 different types of scenes (table and bin). Each scene contains different view angles. For the bin scenes, the data contains 183 scenes with 2150 image views. Of those 183 scenes, 35 scenes contain 2 views, 20 contain 3 views and 128 contain 16 views. And for table scenes, the data contains 118 scenes with 1175 image views. in Those 118 scenes, 20 scenes contain 3 views, 50 scenes with 6 images, and 48 scenes with 17 images. So in total, our data contains 301 scenes and 3325 view images. Most of the scenes contain mixed objects. The dataset contains 19 objects in total.


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