ELEVATER (Evaluation of Language-augmented Visual Task-level Transfer)

Introduced by Li et al. in ELEVATER: A Benchmark and Toolkit for Evaluating Language-Augmented Visual Models

The ELEVATER benchmark is a collection of resources for training, evaluating, and analyzing language-image models on image classification and object detection. ELEVATER consists of:

  • Benchmark: A benchmark suite that consists of 20 image classification datasets and 35 object detection datasets, augmented with external knowledge
  • Toolkit: An automatic hyper-parameter tuning toolkit; Strong language-augmented efficient model adaptation methods.
  • Baseline: Pre-trained language-free and language-augmented visual models.
  • Knowledge: A platform to study the benefit of external knowledge for vision problems.
  • Evaluation Metrics: Sample-efficiency (zero-, few-, and full-shot) and Parameter-efficiency.
  • Leaderboard: A public leaderboard to track performance on the benchmark

The ultimate goal of ELEVATER is to drive research in the development of language-image models to tackle core computer vision problems in the wild.


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